Our Story
 J. Coffey
Welcome to the world of J. Coffey Jackets where Southern Classic charm meets timeless style! Born and bred in Central Kentucky, Jennifer Coffey's journey through the decades has been marked by a passion for creation, a love for denim jackets, an appreciation for smooth bourbon, and an unwavering dedication to classic elegance.
Our Inspiration
Drawing inspiration from her roots and her love for denim, Jennifer has crafted a collection of jackets that transcend the ordinary. Each piece is meticulously made with quality denim and adorned with uniquely patterned silk scarves, sourced from high-end designers, vintage treasures, and the latest trends. With meticulous attention to detail, both cuffs and collars are embellished, while the vintage equestrian line boasts a subtle touch of luxury with a gold bit adorning the back. Jennifer's upbringing in horse country instilled in her a deep appreciation for traditional fashion, which she infuses into every design. Taking cues from Ralph Lauren's timeless designs, the vibrant tradition of Keeneland racetrack, and the irresistible charm of Lexington's impeccably dressed ladies, Jennifer has curated a collection of jackets that radiate fun and style. Each piece blends quality denim with whimsically patterned silk scarves, sourced from high-end designers, vintage treasures, and the latest trends. From playful embellishments on cuffs and collars to the luxe touch of adding a gold bit to the back of our vintage equestrian line, every detail exudes fun and flair.
Our Approach
But J. Coffey Jackets isn't just about fashion—it's about empowerment and community. Jennifer has partnered with a female-owned business in rural Kentucky, providing jobs for women and reviving the almost-forgotten art of sewing. Together, they bring you these unique, American classic denim pieces, each one carrying the spirit of craftsmanship and empowerment. Currently gracing the racks of select boutiques and gift shops, these jackets are also available online, ensuring that anyone, anywhere can experience the allure of Southern-inspired elegance. And if you have a special scarf close to your heart, Jennifer will work with you to transform it into a bespoke jacket, adding a personal touch to your wardrobe.